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Crazy Time

(...wish I had his magic!...)

Who is YOUR Fairy Quilt Godmother?

(Sampling of) To Dos: Host Thanksgiving. See the end of the endless bathroom remodel. Drive to get mom. Install mom in guest room. Six weeks of pantry training. Prepare for Christmas. Take trip to visit in-laws. And, oh yeah... update Paper Panache!

I'm sure your next six weeks look something like this, too. Fortunately for my family, my husband is Chief Cook and Keeper of Traditions, or I'd be that mom electing for Chinese at Thanksgiving and taking a runaway cruise at Christmas!

Several years ago I made a ton of these Initial ornaments, and people still tell me they put them up on their trees every year. Make 'em for all your friends and family members!

Re Santa: I slipped in a watercolor workshop last weekend, and one of the class projects was a rendition of Santa (or, "Painting The Fat Man," as the instructor called him). I'm learning to put more color into my color and not be such a literal Gus. (Well, maybe you can't tell from this portrait, but there's more color in it, honest!) Anyway, I made Santa this month's blog cover for your holiday viewing pleasure!

Also posted on 11/16/18

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