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Thank you for checking out our copyright and personal use policies using Paper Panache patterns.
Puppy Dog Paper-pieced Quilt Pattern by Paper Panache
Sidney the Dog Paper-pieced Quilt Pattern by Paper Panache
Spot the Dog Paper-pieced Quilt Pattern by Paper Panache

Unless specified otherwise, all designs, images, photos, scans, and text on this site and in Paper Panache printed and electronic patterns are made by and property of Linda S. Worland, dba Paper Panache. 

Clipart: Border around Wordsearch is provided by Corel Word Perfect Suite 8.

Photos: Occasional non-pattern photos are collected from, which are "free for personal and commercial use," and require no attribution.

Ethics: Because I generate a lot of patterns, sometimes there is a coincidence with the ideas with others. I will never knowingly copy someone else's pattern, and I'll work to find a "fresh angle" on an idea when I've seen existing patterns on a subject.



A. Personal Use

Patterns may not be reproduced by any means except by the purchaser, for their personal use only (exceptions in C and D below). For my purposes, I define "personal use" as one individual purchasing, printing, photocopying, modifying, and sewing any of my patterns to make a block or top that the individual will keep for themselves or give as a gift. 

B. Reproducing/Copying Patterns

Patterns purchased at Paper Panache may be printed or photocopied as needed by the purchaser only, for individual projects. Please do not make, share, give away, sell, repackage or distribute copies of any Paper Panache pattern, either printed or electronic. No one may make derivatives of purchased patterns to give away or to sell. Please send those who inquire about patterns to


Free patterns by Paper Panache/Linda S. Worland may be printed or copied as needed for individual projects, and a group leader may make all copies needed for group use. No one may make copies or derivatives of free patterns to sell.

C. Charitable Causes

Individuals and groups may freely use any free patterns on the site by Paper Panache/ Linda S. Worland for charitable projects without seeking specific permission. A purchased pattern may also be used for charitable purposes as long as it is used by the one purchaser. Copies of a purchased pattern may NOT be made for distribution for any reason, including charitable purposes.

D. Selling Your Projects Made with Paper Panache Patterns

Every designer would have different criteria for a pattern purchaser selling their designs without receiving compensation, and in my case it depends on volume. You may sell up to five items, using different designs, over your lifetime, provided you are making them yourself, with no assembly line or involvement of others. If your plans include making several copies of one design or one each of many designs, I want to know about it. Write and tell me your specific plans, and I will decide whether compensation should come into play.


With every item based on one of my patterns, please include a tag with this information: Paper-pieced design by Paper Panache Patterns,

E. Permission Required

For any commercial or extensive use of free or sold patterns beyond what is set in

Paragraphs C or D.


Please email with questions.

Rev. Dec 2019

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