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Tessy Cats, Tessy Cats, I love yooou

(...Yes, I dooo!)

Verrry early tessies.

(Loved ol' Tom Jones...)

ANYhoo, the tessies have been in my files since 2014. I have always wanted to get my M.C. Escher on and puzzle out some wonderful tessellation. (Oh, and also be able to piece it, which is kinda key.) This is the ugly little doodle I made when I first thought of it. I must have been in a hurry, seeing as I didn't try to make a better one.

The winning design.

I saw the in-work file go by about a month or two ago. I had played with the idea a little in Illustrator, but I couldn't figure out those darn tails. The pattern I finally decided on was either the 7th or 8th iteration. I also have a more demure version with paws together and more rounded tails, and had trouble deciding between the two. My husband chose this one, so it's all on him!

(Life is tough as a pattern designer :) !)


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