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July 2020   |  I am happy to display photos of your paper-pieced projects.

Mr. Crow by Denise Nash

Just finished this great crow. Yes, there are things I would do differently if I were to start again. But I really like him. Regrettably he is going to be added to someone else's quilt. Maybe I'll just make myself another one...

     This is the second Mr. Crow I’ve pieced recently. He is very handsome, and brings in lots of compliments. Thanks for this great pattern.


Mr. Crow pattern available




Spring Nosegay

by Steve Estes

Throw back to a special drawing of your blocks; being in lockdown, I wanted to finish something! I think I was given 15 blocks, some were yours, one from Italy, I have a list of names of blocks I received. On the back I snuck in another of your mystery blocks.



Windmill Tulips

by Danette Steward

Really easy and fun! I also made a video! 

Windmill Tulips pattern available


Danette uses a different paper piecing technique than I do, and her video may give you ideas!


Dancing Shoes

by Renate Wiegers

Dear Linda, thank you for the patterns of shoes, I made two of them for a friend who loves to dance. I altered the tennis shoe a little bit at the sole and I added loose laces. They are not finished yet, but I’m satisfied so far.

Free tennis shoe pattern available 

Free pointe shoe available

Comment by Betsy Rieke, Yorktown, Virginia

Just want to tell you how excited that I found your great patterns for paper piecing. I have made your clock, pilgrims, book shelf and am working on two birds. I just ordered the welcome pineapple. 
...I love the sizes. Your instructions are great and the pieces all fit. Hooray! Keep it up. 

Clock pattern | Pilgrims | Books | Two Birdies | Welcome Pineapple

Thank you for sharing your projects with us!

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