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March 2024   |  I am happy to display photos of your paper-pieced projects.

Heart Wreath by Renee Neuens

    Here is a photo of the completed project. It turned out very sweet. It made me smile each time to saw it while I had it on my kitchen wall for the month of February. 

Heart Wreath pattern available


by Emily Butler

     I finished piecing the violin today. The one with the green borders is the one I plan on finishing out as a quilt. The pink and blue one was my test to see if I could do it. The fiddle contest is coming up in April and now that the hard part is done I feel like the rest of the quilt will be a breeze to finish before then. I stitched the strings on with just about the shortest stitch length my machine would do. I think when I do the darker one I'll use some thicker upholstery thread for strings G, D, and A. Then regular thread for the E string.

     Thank you for creating such a wonderful pattern. I showed the panel to the adult leaders of the junior fiddler group this evening and they were blown away by the detail you put into creating the pattern. I hope as my kids grow I'll have more freedom to try out more of your patterns.

Violin pattern available

Snowglobe by Teresa Catlett

I enjoyed sewing  the Snowglobe pattern.
Thank you! 


Snowglobe pattern available


Thank you for sharing your projects with us!

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