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On (Not) Making the Bed

(...Have I no shame?...)

This kitty has the right idea.

Arrgh--I just accidentally deleted my March/April post! It was the one talking about hubby retiring and our plans to move. I had edited it previously to add that the move was postponed, and I was working to get updates up as often as I can. (There is something funky with this blogging platform, just sayin'.) Please forgive my lapses, in posts and in time.

Husband's retirement in June was received successfully by us both. The elves must have come home with him, because the house is actually a bit NEATER than it used to be!

( here's where I tell the world that over the past 41 years I make the bed only on the days we change it. I have always been the last one out of it, and walking back and forth from one side to another has always seemed a huge, annoying chore. And who sees my rumpled up bed, anyway? I'd rather vacuum the whole house!

...And! Have you done the math on something like this? (Nerd alert!) At 5 minutes a day x 340 days x 41.5 years = 70,550 minutes/60 min = 1176 hours /40 hours a week = almost 29.4 40-hour work weeks. Even if it really only takes me 2.5 minutes to make the bed and not 5, that's almost 15 40-hour work weeks!)

I can make a case for anything! But, I digress.

SO, ALL TO SAY that, suddenly, the bed has been making itself by magic means! And the kitchen (hubby's domain) is put away more often than not! The counters still require my attention (he's crappy at washing off counters), but I'm okay with finding another, future hill to die on.

(Because eventually I shall, I'm sure... ;)

What's this have to do with quilting?


Just a tiny, ridiculous slice of this pattern designer's life :)


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