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All Paper Panache Quilt Patterns are PDF download patterns, formatted to print on 8-1/2"x11" paper. No p&h is added for PDFs. PDFs are taxable in Arizona, U.S. only. Purchaser is responsible for any VAT required in their country.

Thank you for your considering  Paper Panache patterns


US Dollars.

US SALES TAXES are collected from Arizona residents only.

VAT TAXES. Any international duties, tariffs, or local taxes that may apply to your order are your responsibility, and it is up to you to pay them once levied. Our prices do not reflect any of these additional charges. Paper Panache is not responsible for any such fees incurred.


PDF patterns cannot be returned.


I'm sorry, I no longer accept checks or money orders. All transactions are carried out online and paid for by Visa, Mastercard, Discover, or Paypal.

Hungry Kitty Paper-pieced Quilt Pattern by Paper Panache
Sweet Kitty Dreams Paper-pieced Quilt Pattern by Paper Panache
Whatzit Kitty Paper-pieced Quilt Pattern by Paper Panache


This cart uses Paypal to process credit cards. You do NOT need a Paypal account to pay with a credit card, and there will be a clear option to use either a credit card or your pre-existing Paypal account on the payment page  (roll down if you do not see it! See photo description of shopping cart process below.) There is an opportunity to open a Paypal account if you so wish. 


Credit card information is collected by Paypal using their secure server. I do not personally access credit card numbers. I never sell, trade, or give away ANY information about my customers. I don't like ads, so no third party ad cookies will come from my site. Also see my Privacy Policy.


Please double check your quantities before going to payments. If you buy more than one copy of a PDF  download pattern, it is assumed you will be giving a copy/license to another person. (Thank you for honoring my copyright.)

If you discover you have accidentally purchased more than one of the same pattern (you did NOT plan to give one to another person), please contact me for a refund.


Immediately after payment, the links to the pattern(s) will be presented on the Thank You page. Download/Save the pattern(s) to your computer or device and keep them for your private use. Please note that Paper Panache does not offer a library account in which you may store or access purchased patterns. Do not use the back button at any time, or you may lose your opportunity to download. 

You should also receive an email with the same download links. If necessary, please check your spam/junk mail folder. The links offered on the Thank You page and in the email will expire--do not rely on saving the link to access your pattern in the future. Please note that receipt of email is impossible to guarantee.

Different systems/browsers/email programs may give you different options when you click on the download link. Browsers often download immediately without your input. Some might have you select "Download" or "Save” before transferring the file to your machine. If you don’t get a chance to indicate which folder to send it to, check the Download folder.  (NOTE: If you have downloaded a PDF pattern to a previously open folder or desktop and the file does not appear, right click on that folder or desktop and select "Refresh.")

You may see a white page for many seconds when opening the file. This is normal; some files are large and loading may take a short time.

If you have a difficulty collecting your PDFs, please email me and describe the problem. Please report any error messages and what it is you are (or are not) seeing (all clues are appreciated!). I am able to resend links when necessary (excluding  Sundays). 

You can get more information about opening, printing, and troubleshooting PDFs, and obtaining Adobe Reader, in the “About PDF Patterns” section of the FAQs.


Patterns are copyright by Linda S. Worland and sold for the purchaser's personal use only. Purchaser may make photocopies of pattern pieces, and may enlarge, reduce, or modify them for their own use and purposes. However, no one may make nor distribute copies of Paper Panache patterns, in either PDF or printed formats, on or offline, to give or sell to others. Please contact me for any commercial use of patterns. Copyright remains in force for all previously printed patterns.

Also see Copyright, Permission, Personal Use


Most Paper Panache patterns do NOT include printed 1/4" seam allowances. They are designed as whole patterns: Sections are cut apart on the heavy lines, the sewer adds the seam allowances as she/he goes, and after paper piecing the sections are pinned along seam lines and sewn back together. See the How-to.

All PDF patterns are formatted to print on 8-1/2"x11" paper.


Your methods and materials are under your control and results cannot be guaranteed. Should you ever find an error in piecing order or color placement that makes a Paper Panache pattern unworkable, I will repair and replace it. Please send the name of the pattern and a description of the problem.


FYI: When printing your own patterns from the PDFs, please see the information about Toner Transfer and Ink Run.


As of June 2020 Paper Panache has relocated to Prescott Valley, AZ 86314 U.S.A. 
Please contact me for mailing address or phone number, if needed.

Occasionally, someone asks me to print and mail them a particular pattern. Unfortunately, I stopped printing patterns in 2018 and no longer have the large format equipment to do so. My current  letter-size laser printer does not produce quality saleable copies. These days I use my printers for pattern development only.

If you do not have a printer to print the download patterns, your options might be: 1) to ask a friend to do it for you or 2) to use a copy shop. If they ask, you have my permission to make copies and you promise they are for your personal use only.


Note: Please ignore all $ amounts, as these screenshots are cobbled together.

On very rare occasions, someone tells me that Paypal is insisting on a Paypal account before they can pay for a pattern, when all they want to do is use a credit card. Here are the screens you should be seeing (possible minor variations depending on device, of course). Note: Be sure to scroll to the bottom of the opening Paypal dialog box.

After you click the Add the Cart button on the product page,  the pattern is put in your shopping cart, and you MAY see a popout on the right like the one shown below under the black banner that says "Cart." Click  the View Cart button to go to the cart itself. 


Below is the actual Shopping Cart page. When you are done adding patterns to the shopping cart and are ready to pay, click the yellow Paypal button.


The Paypal box is presented next. Sometimes the credit/debit button is out of view on this first screen and you need to scroll down to find it. Click the Pay with Debit/Credit button… (don’t put your email in the box like it shows here. My Paypal knows me and automatically fills it.)

You should get the following screen (shown in two pieces below:) Fill out and continue...


 Now you will get a review page with a Place Order button. Click that…


Which takes you to the thank you page and your download link(s).


If you see screens that do not correspond to what I have here and feel that Paypal is forcing you to sign up for an account, PLEASE SEND SCREENSHOTS, starting with the first screen you see and ending with the one that is doing the insisting. Thanks!

Rev. Jan 2024

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