Posted 4.13.20
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When you are finished with the mystery and you email me to tell me what it is, I automatically add your name to the finisher's list. Please include your full name and city/state/province/ country. We enjoy seeing scans or photos, too... I add them to the Your Solutions page when I reveal the solution.

FYI: All Paper Panache download patterns open reliably with the free Acrobat Reader, and there is no opening password. If your program asks for a password, you are not using Acrobat Reader.

Pick out some fabrics and sew up a surprise!
Mysteries are available FREE for a limited time.

Get Mystery #95 


Hint:  "We're all in this together"... (ugh*)

NOTICE: It takes all kinds, so it is possible that you will not find this mystery block
funny or appropriate. If you are at all concerned, I suggest that before sewing you cut out the pattern and dry piece it to see what you are in for. I included the background screen in this mystery so you might be able to see better what the end result will be.

*From a ubiquitous tv slogan in the States. I find it smarmy.


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