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Pumpkin Love

... only a bit out of my gourd... ;)

Who is YOUR Fairy Quilt Godmother?

Pumpkin season keeps comin' around. We can't seem to stop it!

Out of the four patterns I have that feature pumpkin--bit-player or star--the one above is my favorite. (Mmmm, piiiie.)

Now say hello to the yearly appearance of Mr. Mild (since 2004!):

Here's Mr. Mild, afraid of the dark:

My husband (the carver of Mr. Mild) graduated to carving turnips in 2011, which he says is the traditional Halloween jack o'lantern. Being half Irish may have something to do with it.

(My husband doesn't have a scary bone in his body.)

And finally, knitters like me might enjoy these:

Ravelry user?: Get this cute pumpkin pattern here. Happy Halloween!

Also posted on 10/2/18

Recently reformatted for download:

New pattern:


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