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Violins on Television

Paper Panache Site Update, July 2018 ~

Detail from Violin Paper-Pieced Quilt Pattern by Paper Panache

So, a site visitor suggested I design a violin about a year ago, and the idea struck my fancy. Unfortunately, because I played the clarinet for five minutes in grade school and everyone else I knew played wind instruments, I had no violin in my head. I made a few doodles after a quick look at Google Images. Then I put 'em away.

I do enjoy starting out with a doodle and watching how much the concept changes. As it turned out, this pattern gave me loads of problems (of my own making), which added a week to the process.

Violin pattern design process
“What's all this fuss I keep hearing about violins on television?”

This violin did not want to be my friend. In the end, though, I think Emily Litella would approve: Violin Paper-pieced Quilt Pattern.

See Emily on Youtube (...yeesh...42 years ago…)

“The Leonard Bernstein concert was just lovely!”


PS: BTW, I'd only recommend paint pens to those with bravado--those who have no fear painting on a surface they've just spent three days putting together. Embroidery is still a more reliable, cleaner option for putting in the strings.

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