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November-December 2020   |  I am happy to display photos of your paper-pieced projects.

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In the Mooood by Leta Mastroni

The cow is your pattern, enlarged 200%, with fussy-cut flowers appliquéd to the head,  and minus the shawl. Shannon Cuddle on the back and edges. We love her happy face! Blessings 😇

In the Mood pattern available

Mr. Pumpkin Door Hanging by Tricia Crockett

Here is another of your patterns I made. It is my October front door hanging. I can’t wait to start the Advent Nativity. 

Mr. Pumpkin pattern available


Advent Nativity by Betty Bissot, Alabama

Here’s a photo of my completed Nativity top!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️ I have to clean off the paper and then attempt quilting it. I came to your web site to hopefully see how others were quilted. Any advice?? 

Advent Nativity pattern available

Unicorn by Linda Barnes
My granddaughter drew the unicorn picture and it was printed on fabric by a company called Art to Remember. The school does a fund raiser with them. I used your Shooting Star pattern that I resized on the copier. Then I used your Hexy Star pattern for the other stars. I have to find someone to make me a heat transfer so I can print the words on it.

Free Bent Star / Free Shooting Star patterns available


Christmas Cardinal by Kyrras Conrad

First, please also list your Christmas cardinal under birds and animals -- I have recommended this beautiful pattern to many people  and that would make it easier to find. Enclosed is that pattern as a throw pillow. ...Many thanks for your wonderful designs.

Christmas Cardinal pattern available free


Thanksgiving Quilt by Diane Labrecque

This is my Thanksgiving quilt using your Pilgrims and Cornucopia patterns. I’m working on two of your Advent Nativities...I have an odd size area that I hang seasonal quilts in. Because it’s odd, they are all original!

Thanksgiving Pilgrims pattern available

Cornucopia pattern available


Thanksgiving Pilgrims by Melanie Nielson, Sarasota Springs, Utah

I did this project for my mom. She is always making things for others, so I wanted her to have something gifted to her that was handmade! She loved it. I can't wait to sew one for me now!

Thanksgiving Pilgrims pattern available


Rose Quilt by Beth Gerhart
I ordered your beautiful rose pattern on January 27th.  Thought i had taken on a big challenge. Christmas present is done. Thank you so very much for sharing.  All done on a Singer FW 1955. 


Two Roses pattern available

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Thank you for sharing your projects with us!

Christmas Card by Peggy Rash
I make my [Christmas] cards using various quilting patterns and this year's is based on a basket pattern which I've modified to become a creche.  ...It is hard to find small patterns that are different from one's I've already used . . . having been at this for better than 25 years one does run out of ideas! 


Not a Paper Panache pattern

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