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October 2020   |  I am happy to display photos of your paper-pieced projects.

Christmas Hearth by Diane Kane,
Newfoundland, Canada

I did this wall hanging for my son and his partner...

they loved project

Christmas Hearth pattern available


Feathered Star by Teri Nisbet, Keizer, Oregon

Here is my Covid lockdown project from this spring. This feathered star wall hanging with flying geese border is all paper pieced, and I even hand quilted it as well.  It is my favorite color combination of all times: purple and green. Maybe good things can come from bad times.

    The pattern I used for my feathered star wall hanging is McCall's Big Blocks #B528, but it is from the 90's, so it's no longer in print. It was a thrift store purchase, and once in a while it comes up on eBay. However, there is a company in Portland, Oregon that sells a similar pattern. Their website is

Not a Paper Panache pattern


Advent Nativity by Jean Francis

I just finished your wonderful Advent Nativity wall quilt pattern.  It was so rewarding and challenging to make.  Thought you might like to see a picture.  I finished it with a facing for a borderless finish that I just learned about.  It is a gift for my daughter.  Have a great day!

Advent Nativity pattern available


Assorted Projects by Rebecca Anderson
I hung this on the front door. I wasn’t sure about the snowflake background but I think I like the bright colors. I did enjoy making these.  
Merry Moose | O Holy Night |

Family Tree


Captain's Cabinet by Teresa Catlett, Booneville, AR

I am so happy to get my project finished!! The Mystery Series for 2000- 2001, The Captains Cabinet. It turned out great! Love your patterns.
Captain's Cabinet pattern is retired. Patterns now offered individually: Ship in a Bottle | Bowl of Shells |
Sweet Potato Vine | Pear of Wine Glasses


Two Roses by Danette, Marshfield, MO

I got your two roses done! Got rave reviews a couple months back from a foundation piecing group on Facebook I belong to...
Two Roses pattern available


Gone Camping by Marilyn Wood

Thanks so much. It turned out great. I love your patterns!

Gone Camping pattern is available for sale.


Oak & Maple Baltimore by Tricia Crockett
Here is my finished project. I’ll post in Foundation Paper Piecing and let everyone know the pattern & designer. Great design. You might make a suggestion in your instructions to leave plenty of seam allowance on the center piece. Even though I tried to get it centered it would have been nice to have a little more stability when appliquing.
Oak & Maple Baltimore pattern available


Fall Top by Leanne Reimer

Thanks for the amended pattern. I'm a lover of all birds but especially crows so I'm sure I'll use it a lot. I attached my results so far. (The dark spaces are the carpet showing through but those will be strips of the cream background.) I'm new to paper piecing but I'm really pleased with how it turned out and proud to have Mr. Crow as the star of the show. Thanks again. 

Mr. Crow pattern available (the rest are not Paper Panache patterns)


2020 Pillow by JB Slovak

I am technologically challenged, so this took me a while! 

2020 pattern available free

Thank you for sharing your projects with us!

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