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February-March 2021   |  I am happy to display photos of your paper-pieced projects.

Christmas Cardinal by Janet Deschamps, Houston, Texas

Here’s my Christmas cardinal! I had such fun making this even though when I first saw how tiny the pieces were I was skeptical I could do it. Your pattern is perfect! Thanks so much!

Christmas Cardinal pattern available

Tulip Tablecloth by Helene Friis, Denmark
 I am just attaching my tulip tablecloth, I have enlarged the 200% edge because otherwise it was too small for my table. There are many on Facebook who like it and some want to sew it, so maybe you sell a few more patterns to Denmark.

Windmill Tulips pattern available


Panther by Teresa Catlett

My husband James, made the Panther pattern for me. I do collect McCoy pottery so this pattern is from a planter I have. It's  7-1/2" L  x 16-1/2"W.

Not a Paper Panache pattern

Tooth Elf Pillow by Kathy Cilker
...A little explanation…
     My grandson is not quite 5, and he has his own ideas about how things should go.  He wanted a “real” pillow rather than one that hangs up, so that’s what I did.  He didn’t want any green or yellow – “only if you have to” – but agreed that a rainbow would look better with yellow.  I had a few fabric choices for him to choose from, but then he opened the closet door and saw my stash.  My sports and novelty piles were on his level, so that’s what he wanted.
     He wanted the clothes to be Sharks colors (San Jose hockey).  He wanted the outer border to be basketballs – go Golden State Warriors!  And he wanted the back of the pillow to be San Francisco Giants.  I put away all my choices and went with his, which is what a Grammy is supposed to do, right?  I’m sure this is not at all what you expected, but we’re trying to encourage creativity, and he’s very excited with the result.
      I didn’t have any problems with the elf, but I have to admit that I didn’t make it a point to follow the instructions so I can’t speak to how clear they are.  As long as someone has experience with paper piecing, the pieces are numbered clearly and correctly. You have helped make a very sweet little boy very happy.


Made way back in March 2017--thanks, Kathy!

Pattern only recently released :)

Tooth Elf Pillow pattern available


Thank you for sharing your projects with us!


Christmas Nutcrackers by Erica Bruno, League City, Texas

I just started paper piecing in November and I’m hooked! I’ve found your site and bought a couple of your projects. Here are my nutcrackers. Hard to tell in the photo but the black hat is a velvety/fuzzy material. I also did your paw and turned it into a hot pad. 

Nutcracker pattern available

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