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May 2020   |  I am happy to display photos of your paper-pieced projects.

"YOU" by JB "Jay" Slovak

    My Quilt Guild, Rose City Quilters of Palmerston North, New Zealand , had a Challenge for our Show in May [ultimately done online]. The challenge was to make a 12” X 30” small quilt with the Title “YOU”. 
    Several years ago a friend bought me a ‘J' charm for my necklace.  I later decided to buy one for Tyler and his kids, to go on my necklace. As I was laying them out, I realized that I almost had the word, Quilt. Two years ago we added Sadie to our family, so had to include her also. Each person is standing in front of their quilt. Except Sadie, as she just borrowed one of mine.

   It was such a unique challenge, and it seemed like it was made just for me.  I just had to share it. 


Summer Sun

by Teresa Catlett

The Summer Sun was a fun project to do. Every time I look at it, I think about the vitamin D soaking in. I am looking forward to the Lazy Days of Summer and my garden!

Free Summer pattern available

Windmill Tulips

by Peg Money

Here is what I have been working on. I didn't like the empty space in the center. I was pressing my luck just adding the tulips from the
"A" block. 

Windmill Tulips pattern available



by Selby Miller

Thank you for the permission to enlarge the comedy/tragedy mask pattern and the tips on how to do it.  My local library had a large scale scanner that I was able to use. I attached a picture of the finished block. It's 48" across[, there is] a 24" x 6" ruler on the side for scale. I can't wait to finish the quilt top!

Comedy/Tragedy pattern available

Thank you for sharing these with us!

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