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Fairy Quilt Godmothers

...Are Back Home!

Who is YOUR Fairy Quilt Godmother?

The Fairy Quilt Godmothers were introduced in 2011, and I posted almost 200 of them in the six and a half years following. Unfortunately, when I rebuilt the site, I had no way to re-install the "Great Godmother Picker"--the program I wrote to allow each person to summon their personal Godmother. After a month or two offline, my email told me that the Godmothers were being missed :( ! This brought to mind my promise that the Godmothers would always be available to meet their sweet sewing godchildren. Something would have to be done!

I thought about making the Godmothers available in one humungo pattern, but that project was bigger than I could think about dealing with. After another week or so, I decided I needed to keep it simple! To find your very own Fairy Quilt Godmother, all you need is a die out of a your nearest game box or junk drawer and "roll" for your Godmother. If you don't have a die, why not ask someone else for a random number from 1-6, six times? (They won't mind, I'm certain! :D ).


A little bit of "aww-heck" in regard to the Fairy Godmothers is that I pretty much lost the Fairy Quilt Godmother Parade when I changed hosts. I forgot to download the database records before shutting down the original site and so lost all the words and dates and particulars about each Godmother that was sent in. Fortunately, what I do have left is all their pictures, with the last name of the maker and the given name of the Godmother. So, if you see some of your Godmothers floating around, please forgive that I only have your last names attached.

Also posted on 9/4/18

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