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holiday trees, pg. 2


Lynn Acheson, Derby, UK

It’s been a while since I have done any sewing, having been mostly in knitting mode during lockdown. (My last mystery block was the 2020 logo.) Anyway I sat down at my machine today and produced this. I love it and am glad that I printed out two copies of the pattern, as it’s one that I’m likely to do again. I’m a little miffed that I have two green fabrics the same, touching on the small and medium trees, but I still love the end result! I now need to decide what I am going to do with my block. Thank you for producing this pattern. 
...#2 ...Just finished a second Mystery block cushion for my daughter. Think I’ll have a rest now.


Colleen Fadool, White Lake, Michigan

Thanks for another fun mystery! I have just finished a green & white quilt for my niece, so the timing for these green scraps was perfect! ...I guess I really like this pattern! I already sent you a photo of my completed mystery block, but here it is finished into a pillow. I also made 2 others which I enlarged 20% and fussy cut Christmas motifs for the center of the trees. I made all the stars from gold lame’.  The pillows are gifts for my “Breakfast Ladies” who I haven’t been able to meet with since February. 


Anne Griffin, California

I loved your mystery pattern of trees! I changed up the colors a little and I hope you like it! Thank you for the wonderful pattern.


Delbra Blanton, California

I see 3 Christmas trees with lights on them. That was the hardest Mystery so far but really pretty. I love your projects. Thank you for sharing.


Marilena Fiusa, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

My block 97. Merry Christmas for You 


Renate Coster, Porto Alegre, Brazil

I wish you a lot of peace.


Jane Beamish, Webster, NY

I kind of guessed what I was making, so I switched up the background color.  I’m very pleased!  Lovely block-- thanks for sharing your talents! ...And here it is, completely finished, with Elfred hanging on. :)


Kim Fleming

 It is a trio of Christmas trees, each with a star. Thanks for another cute project! 


Anita Daggett, Beaverton, Oregon

My green Christmas prints were too large so I had fun raiding my box of green scraps. ...The first easy-to-grab piece of fabric large enough for the background made me think SNOW!


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