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holiday trees, pg. 1


Teri Nisbet, Keizer, Oregon

I love working with right or wrong side!


Jill Talkington, Millersburg, Ohio

This was a great deal of fun to make.  I haven't been able to make any mysteries for some time. Life happened.  But this was a great distraction. Thanks do much for making my day. 


Rie Poissonnier, Netherlands

[Note from Linda Volkerink:] Hi Linda, I gave your mystery pattern 97 to my friend, she is just 1 year learning patchwork, and I am teaching her how to paper piece. Look here, this is her pattern. I am proud of her, she made it very well. ...Rie is okay with your reveal, and she is happy with your congratulations, thank you.



Peggy Rash, Elkview, West Virginia

To find the finest trees of the season!  Decided that the trees would need some ornaments and garland to hang on the trees so they were added to frame the upcoming event!  A sure addition to my front door seasonal hanging!  


Marta Hegyi

Lassan   itt  a  karácsony. [Slowly Christmas is here.]


Judy Hunt

Here is my Christmas trees with stars. I love and have turned it into a mug rug for my desk. Thank you. 


Maria Hebert

Thank you for the cute pattern!❤️


JoAnn Korzenko

Kitty Sager

 Been a long time since I have done a mystery block. thought I would have it done sooner but life got in my way.


Linda Volkerink, Netherlands

Hi Linda, I found 3 christmas trees with all a 5 pointed star in the top. I love this pattern... I was busy this weekend but found little moments to stitch and finished my pp, so lovely pattern... I collect these blocks and will made a sampler blanket in the future, when I have enough of this theme.


Linda Barnes

Here is my solution to #97. I changed the background to look like white and drifted snow. It will probably turn into a pillow.

Heather Sandsted
I set all the blocks up and at the end I had my kids put them together like a puzzle. It was so much fun as a family project. We are going to start doing this more often. This will be a part of our family tradition.

Judith Szanky, Hungary

I am attaching my mystery block of 3 Xmas trees. It was a bit late for Xmas, but I enjoyed it anyways. Thanks for another great mystery.


Teresa Catlett, Booneville, Arkansas

Here is my Block # 97. Three pretty Christmas trees.

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