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four aces


Colleen Fadool 


Peggy Rash

   Well, Linda, “hands down,” [feel free to groan] my favorite card game is pinochle (aka poor man’s bridge)  ...of course that takes a special deck of cards...just like the ones you made! 


Anita Daggett

   Now it is Solitaire, but Cribbage was my favorite earlier.  Now I have  no one who wants to play it.

   I’m thinking that this will make up nicely into a tote bag or a pillow. As a child I played Cribbage with my parents but now my usual game is Solitaire. 


Marilena Fiusa

   I don’t play cards for lack of partners, but with this pandêmico it would be a good time.


Teri Nisbet

   What a co-incidence! This mystery is what my husband has tattooed on his leg, although he had it done more than 30 years ago.

   I included both photos for you to choose from.  You have our permission to put the photo of his leg on your site if you want. I have omitted his face so we don't have to sign any waivers...LOL!  😉

    Yes, my husband is very much a Poker player, mostly Texas Hold 'Em, but Omaha and 7 card Stud as well. We have both won local Hold 'Em tournaments, but mine was luck...his was skill. Sometimes he plays at the casino, sometimes we host a social game for the higher functioning residents at a local care/rehab/nursing facility (pre COVID, of course).

    We both play Cribbage, as does most all of my family; that's the game I grew up with.


Linda Barnes

   We don't play cards unless it is with the granddaughters. When we play, we play Go Fish or UNO.


Delbra Blanton

   My favorite card game is Five Crowns.  We played tonight.


Teresa Catlett

   Oh my card game is Solitaire. My Dad taught me how to play when I was a kid, it  is a good memory!

Shirley Hammar

   Played pinochle 40 years ago....then I discovered quilting in 1976!

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