Jacqui LoForte-Ellis

Susan Greene

Hi Linda, here is my finished mystery #95. I made it into a pillow as that is Pat Sloan's daily challenge for today. I see now that what I thought was a padlock in the first "o" is actually a mask! That second "o" just about killed me but I'm glad I did it! Thanks for the pattern.

Colleen Fadool

Teresa Catlett

Block # 95  is Lock Down. I did pick option 1, which was a challenge to sew together. Yeah we all need a little humor these days !

Two from
Marilena Fiusa

Linda Barnes

This is what I did with Mystery#95. I hadn't done #94 and thought it was a good time to use it. 

Teri Nisbet

I went the "easy" route...thanks for a timely theme.  I may pair mine with the 2020 block from the last mystery to make a pillow cover, although maybe not the event we were thinking of commemorating this

Shirley Hammar

Was a fun day yesterday piecing away the hours on this mystery!  THANKS!!!

Peggy Rash

It’s taken me a bit to get around to this mystery block since I’ve been sewing masks for a local hospital’s initiative . . . After completing over 430 total masks to date I thought I’d take a break and do the mystery . . . Only to be reminded that the masks will continue to be put to good use!  Thanks for your timely reminder . . . And the love and care and attention to detail that you put in your wonderful mysteries!!  Please stay safe and KNOW we need you!!

Maggie Winsbro

LOVE LOVE LOVE the Lock Down block. The blue mask and red covid spikes are such a nice touch. I'll finish this one to hang on the wall as a remembrance of the 'social distancing, stay home, stay safe'. Thanks for another great block.

Sandy George

When I was working on the "O" in "lock," I thought I was making a mistake. Then I realized I was piecing a face mask!! I have sent a picture! 

Anette Unger

Lindi Overton

I'm ready to put it away, but will keep it close at hand in case we need it again.

Marcela Iraola


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