Juana Ibanez



Thank you for the mystery. Sewing it up was easy as compared to figuring out how to put the pieces together. This was fun! Someone on had mentioned a project from your website and so I swung over to take a look at what you were doing.  You are wonderfully creative!  I found that mystery block and had to try it.  It was fun trying to figure out what colors to use.  I may make a new block now that I know what I am making ;-) Your directions were great. This is my first mystery with Paper Panache. 

Teri Nisbet

I love my blue bird's colors the best.  It's nice using batiks as there's not a definite right or wrong side of the fabric.
Tweet tweet!

Teresa Catlett

Block #92 is three cute birdies. A fun block to sew and I love the colors !

JoAnn Korzenko

Suzanne Boissonneault

Hello Linda, I have not been involved for a long time... I was very busy making quilts for my grandchildren. So here I am back and here is the solution of MB no. 92. Wonderful bird songs in the house, TWEET tweet tweet ...

LouAnn Estey

Why did the birds fly to my eat, tweet!

Renate Coster

I am sending picture of my 92 MB resolution. I love birds and I like to watch them. Thank you for this challenge, it is very good to solve them. Hugs.

Marilena Fiusa

Linda Barnes

I finished this today. I wasn't happy with my orange #3 so I put a couple of buttons on for eyes.

Peggy Rash

Looks like a trio of tweeters who flew the coop!  Love it! Your creations always challenge, surprise and delight me! Thank you Linda for yet another gift!

Anita Daggett

Well, my blue bird of happiness has a black eye because I misread the clearly marked pattern.  The contrast I thought existed between my orange 2 and 3 wasn't, so I used permanent marker to make them visible.  Once again, this has been fun to do.  Keep these mysteries coming!

Colleen Fadool

Thanks for the really cute birds!!


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