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Congratulations to these finishers 
and everyone else who also made this block!

Tree-fuls of Tweeter Trios  >>


The first finisher to e-mail me was
Marilena Fiusa of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Other finishers who let me know include:


JoAnn Korzenko, Kent, Ohio
Suzanne Boissonneault,

     Trois-Rivières, Québec, Canada
Anita Daggett, Beaverton, Oregon 
Peggy Rash
, Elkview, West Virginia
Renate  Coster, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil
LouAnn Estey, LaFayette New York
Teresa Catlett, Booneville, Arkansas
Colleen Fadool, White Lake, Michigan 
Teri Nisbet, Keizer, Oregon
Juana Ibanez, Brandon, Mississippi
Linda Barnes, New London, Ohio

Posted 8/27/19 
Revealed 11/20/19
This pattern is available for sale.

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