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String of Lights

Congratulations to these finishers 
and everyone else who also made this block!

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string of lights

The first finisher to e-mail me was
Diana LaMarre of Alpena, Michigan

Other finishers who let me know include:

Marilena Fiusa, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 
Teri Nisbet, Keizer, Oregon
JoAnn Korzenko
, Kent, Ohio
Anita Daggett, Beaverton, Oregon 
Paula Hankins
Renate Coster
, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil
Karin  Street
Linda Shambaugh
, Mt. Zion, Illinois
Peggy Rash, Elkview, West Virginia
Lindi Overton, Boonville, Missouri
Teresa Catlett, Booneville, Arkansas
Kim Fleming

Posted 11/20/19 
Revealed 1/29/20
This pattern is available for sale.

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