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2020 label

Congratulations to these finishers 
and everyone else who also made this block!

What to do with the Year? >>

2020 label

The first finisher to e-mail me was
Teri Nisbet of Keizer, Oregon

Other finishers who let me know include:

Anita Daggett, Beaverton, Oregon 
Teresa Catlett, Booneville, Arkansas
Delbra Blanton, Quartz Hill, CA
Marilena Fiusa, Rio de Janeiro. Brasil
Melissa Velik

Renate Coster, Porto Alegre, Brazil
Lindi Overton, Boonville, Missouri
Linda Shambaugh, Mt. Zion, Illinois
Marcela Iraola, Necochea, Buenos Aires, Argentina 
Liz Ewing
Peggy Rash
, Elkview, West Virginia
Inge Lise Jensen, Slangerup Town, Denmark
Colleen Fadool, White Lake, Michigan 
Lourdes Haach, Brazil

Jane Beamish

Posted 01/29/20
Revealed 04/13/20
This mystery pattern is available Free!

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