Gone Camping

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Congratulations to these finishers 
and everyone else who also made this block!

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gone camping

The first finisher to e-mail me was 
Teri Nisbet of Keizer, Oregon

Other finishers who let me know include:

Jenny Hunt
Mary Eberlyn, Columbus, Ohio
Marilena Fiusa, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 
Cheryl Tobin, Tucson, Arizona
Val Johnson, Watford, Ontario, Canada
Pat, Aberdeen, Washington
Renate Coster, Porto Alegre, Brazil
Mdm Samm 
Linda Barnes, New London, Ohio
Maggie Winsbro, Eatonton, Georgia
Karen Vaughn
Teresa Catlett, Booneville, Arkansas
Elizabeth Barnett, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Pat Miller, Boone, North Carolina
Colleen Fadool, White Lake, Michigan 
Peggy Rash, Elkview, West Virginia
SJ Kaiser
Rebecca Simmons, Charleston, South Carolina

Posted 8/15/18 
Revealed 11/16/18 
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