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Congratulations to these finishers 
and everyone else who also made this block!

Beds of Cheerful Flowers >>


Cute name stolen from Lindi Overton and, later, Peggy Rash, who also came up with it :) .

...The hint was, "It's a dilly," and a few thought it was/were hoping for... a pickle :)

The first finisher to e-mail me was 
Christine Hampton of Oregon, Wisconsin

Other finishers who let me know include:

Susan M Gardner
Maggie Winsbro
Linda Barnes
, New London, Ohio
Janet Hersh, Prescott Valley, Arizona
Teri Nisbet, Keizer, Oregon
Julie Waldman, Oakland, CA  
Birdie Cutair
Judi Miranda
, Wading River, New York
Lindi Overton, Boonville, Missouri
Edna McFall, Taber, Alberta, Canada
Eunice Donges, Amelia, Ohio 
Melissa Velik
Marilena Fiusa
, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Renate Coster
, Brazil
Colleen Fadool, White Lake, Michigan
Susan Terry, Suffolk, Virginia
Teresa Catlett, Booneville, Arkansas
Kitty Sager
Jane Beamish
, Webster, New York
Han Smits, Veldhoven, Netherlands
Donna Cullen, Prior Lake, Minnesota
Peggy Rash, Elkview, West Virginia
Pat Miller, Boone, North Carolina
Kate Kiran, Chicago Illinois

Posted 6/1/18 
Revealed 8/15/18

This pattern is available for sale.

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