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A few people told me their plans for their block-- I got to play cupid!

Marilena Fiusa   

Teresa Catlett

Pink Greeting Card

Cheryl Tobin

Catherine Sirven

This will be for my husband (my love since 14 years now). 

Renate Coster

Erin Reinhackel

Kitty Sager

Candi Roberts

I am actually going to send it to my friends daughter who is 10 and was just baptized. I was going to put a note book and colored pencils in it for her. 

Teri Nisbet

I think I will send it to my mom for Valentine's Day and she can use it on her dresser to put her watch and earrings on before she goes to bed.

Ardiss Kunze

Here is my Hot Pad (love it). Finished it with Insul-bright so [I can] use it under hot pans.

Dianne Page

It will be given to my hubby tomorrow, but he has already seen it, just doesn't know he is the one getting it.

Lindi Overton

Maggie Winsbro

[For her] gratification wall.



Vickie Barnes


Lourdes Haach


Peggy Rash

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