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February 2023   |  I am happy to display photos of your paper-pieced projects.

Advent Nativity by Cari Duncklee

     Sooooo....Wow. I am blown away at the genius that went into making this pattern. I kept sharing with friends bits and pieces as I was going along, and they kept saying "I just don't understand how that works!" And then when the final panel was sewn together- magic. And pure genius. Thank you so much for your creations!

     I have one piece above Joseph and Mary that had an incorrect grey- but I'm going to leave it. Also, the first time through, only one of the angels had a wing. Haha!! 

     Anyway--wow. I bought this pattern years ago (maybe 5?) and I've been slowly collecting the fabrics for it. This year I finally got brave and took it on, and wow, as I glad I did. So beautiful! 

     Now I just need to decide how to finish it! 

Thank you!!! 

Cornucopia by Lisa England

I recently purchased your lovely Cornucopia pattern. I added some paper pieced pumpkins and leaves to the bottom. I enjoy your patterns!

Cornucopia pattern available

Thank you for sharing your projects with us!

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