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February 2022    |  I am happy to display photos of your paper-pieced projects.

Orange by Karen Derrick

I'm a huge fan of orange as well.  Here is a top I finished recently.  It makes me happy!

Not a Paper Panache Pattern


Four 100s Virtual Quilt Top 

by Linda S Worland

The above was one of the designs I did to celebrate MB100. I thought it would be fun to see it as a top, so asked for volunteers to make a block and send me a photo. This was my favorite layout.


Teresa Catlett, Booneville, AR
Janet Parde

Colleen Fadool 
Linda Barnes 

Karen Derrick, Santa Rosa, CA


Pattern not available.


Rooster for James by Linda S Worland, Prescott Valley, Arizona

    Last October the daughter of a long-time friend of mine asked me to make something special for her  boyfriend--a stuffed rooster. His grandmother had a stuffed rooster doorstop that he had very fond memories of from childhood.

    She gave me rough final measurements, and initially I made three stuffed chicken bases in muslin to find the shape she liked best (we used the third one). I found a rooster photo online that suggested the colors to use. I inserted a little bag into the base filled with about a pound and a half of smooth stones to weight him on the bottom; this helped keep him upright while working on him.

     I began this project thinking more in terms of applique, but in the end I decided that paper piecing was much faster and saner. I divided the chicken into the major pieces: bottom, lower front, back, neck, wings, tail, head, beak, and comb. I designed and paper-pieced the pieces and then appliqued them to the base. I bought exactly one quarter-yard of material (that I didn't need or use), and all the rest of the fabric came my stash of 40 years. I managed to get it done by the beginning of December for Christmas.

    Now I'm thinking turtles... !

Not available as a pattern

Thank you for sharing your projects with us!

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