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99 bottles of beer

FYI: Some people enjoy challenging themselves further by not reading the piecing order, so I got two different setups for this block. A couple of people also asked about the brown neck label on the amber bottle. Some kept it, some changed it.


Colleen Fadool

6 down, 93 to go! ...Thanks for the fun!!
...I’ve already submitted 3 bottles, but during the construction on my original submission I’d made some errors. I didn’t unpick, but instead printed out new pattern pieces. I’ve now taken the errors & created 3 new bottles to help you get to your 99! Thanks for the fun!! Hiccup!


Teresa Catlett

Yeah it is  Bottles of Beer!  A really  fun block to sew!! Thank you 


Val Johnson

My 3 of the 99 on the wall. (Kept it.)


Marilena Fiusa


Lisa Foyer

Thanks so much for Mystery 99! I'm going to turn it into a wall hanging for a friend who is a craft beer aficionado.


Suellen Eberhart


Wanda Boatright
I see 3 beer (?) bottles sitting on a table.


Jill Talkington

When I first saw the bottlecap I immediately thought of "99 bottles of beer on the wall." Then you gave the clue "99". I knew it immediately. Thanks for a fun evening.


Teri Nisbet

Yes, I sang the song in my head the whole time...I embroidered a couple of things and turned my mystery 99 block into a pillow for my brother with his 2 favorite things: beer and hockey.


Lucia Araujo

I loved this bottles pattern.
I will make a table top from it for me.


Renate Coster

I'm sending my "3 bottles", I still don't know what's inside, but it must be tasty.


Linda Barnes

Here is my solution to #99. I put my bottles on a little shelf. Thanks for the challenge.


Peggy Rash

The background fabric I used looks too dark to me but it all is very recognizable.  I have made it into a hot mat for my cousin who is very fond of beer and of cooking and is always looking for hot mats on which to serve her luscious food.  

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