A friend of mine is going on a wonderful trip, and she was thinking about travel sketching. I told her about some travel sketches I did on an Amtrak train trip from So. California  to Oregon in June-July 2004. Sketching is totally/emotionally different than taking photographs, and I am fond of revisiting these. It was the only trip I stuck to a sketching DO IT, CAROL!

Steve in our "roomette." (Basically it is two chairs facing each other that turn into a bunk, and a bunk overhead.)

Parlor car.

Battery Point Lighthouse, Crescent City, Oregon.

Redwoods on the southern border of Oregon.

Oregon has (had?) tons of these themed coffee kiosks (we called them "kissox-es"). These in Albany and Eugene.

Steve and I in a motel room in Newport, OR. (He's watching the tube.)

Tillamook cows.

Drawn while sitting in the car. Steve was in the Eugene library off to the right (libraries are Steve's thing).

Coast Guard Station, Reedsport, OR

Worth doing!


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