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These patterns for sale:

Sweet Kitty Dreams

Sunflower Kit


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Privacy Policy

   I will NOT share, sell, or trade your name, email, or address information. If another customer ever asks to contact you because they've seen your name or project on the site, I will forward their email to you and you can take it from there.
   This site has no ads, allowing no opportunity for third parties to contact you.
   Paper Panache use of your photos, name, location, and email verbiage: After many years of project postings here at Paper Panache, it has become ASSUMED that I have permission to post your photos, name, location, and email verbiage when you send me these things by email. I generally do not go through the extra step to request permission, except for the occasional contribution that is not a project.
    You may deny posting of your projects/name/location/words at any time, either when you send me the project email or any time after it has been posted in order to have it brought down.
    Name and location information can be modified at your direction.

   Notice of duration of postings: I archive old projects, so, likely for perpetuity--as long as this site exists, and in internet archive sites like the waybackmachine.org.


Copyright, Permission, Etc.

     Copyright: Unless specified otherwise, all designs, images, photos, scans, and text on this site are ©1997-2018 by and property of Linda Worland, dba Paper Panache.
     Disclaimer: Your methods and materials are under your control. All patterns and information are offered in good faith, but no warranty is given nor can results be guaranteed.
     Clipart: Borders around Wordsearch and e-coupons are from Corel Word Perfect Suite 8.
     Ethics: Because I generate a lot of patterns, sometimes there is a coincidence with the ideas with others. I will never knowingly copy someone else's pattern, and I'll work to find a "fresh angle" on an idea when I've seen existing patterns on a subject.

Patterns may not be reproduced by any means except by the purchaser, for their personal use only. For my purposes, I define "personal use" as one individual making, photocopying, and/or modifying one of my patterns to make a block or top that that individual will keep for themselves or give as a gift.

Patterns purchased at Paper Panache may be copied as needed by the purchaser only, for individual projects. No one may make copies or derivatives of sold patterns to give away or to sell.

Free patterns by Paper Panache/Linda Worland may be copied as needed for individual projects, and a group leader may make all copies needed for group use. No one may make copies or derivatives of free patterns to sell.

Permission must be sought from the designer of the guest pattern for any use other than personal use. I cannot give this permission. Hopefully the email address of the designer will have been included somewhere on the pattern, or you may contact me and I will pass your email on to the designer if I am able. Many of these are very old and the chances are slim.

Individuals and groups may freely use any free patterns on the site by Paper Panache/ Linda Worland for charitable projects without seeking specific permission. A purchased pattern may also be used for charitable purposes as long as it is used by the one purchaser. Copies of the pattern may NOT be made for distribution for any reason, including charitable purposes.

Every designer would have different criteria about a pattern owner selling their designs without receiving compensation, and in my case it depends on volume. If you are selling a piece here and there based on my patterns...say, up to five items over your lifetime, using different designs, you may go ahead and do so. If your plans include making several copies of one design or one each of every design you can get your hands on, I want to know about it. Write and tell me your specific plans, and I will decide whether compensation should come into play.

With every item based on one of my patterns, please include a tag with this information: Paper-pieced design by Paper Panache Patterns, http://www.paperpanache.com.

For any commercial or extensive use of free or sold patterns beyond what is set in
Paragraphs D or E.

Please email with questions.




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