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I wrote this page several years ago and (such as it is) it could be out of date or no longer needed...
Still... perhaps it could still help someone.
Morning Welcome Paper-pieced Quilt Pattern by Paper Panache
Parrot Paper-pieced Quilt Pattern by Paper Panache
Flamingo Paper-pieced Quilt Pattern by Paper Panache

...who would like to purchase PDF Patterns at Paper Panache

I began a PDF format changeover in Fall 2013, and initially I had to field many computer issues for PDF buyers. A frequent problem appeared to be getting PDFs on/off iPads. Compounding the problem was that there seemed to be some difficulty accessing or responding to the email I sent these customers. This led to frustration on both sides. 

If you have the option of ordering patterns on a laptop or other machine other than a phone or iPad, please do so. If an iPad is your only computer option and you have had no problem with downloading/saving from links and printing the files, there is no need to keep reading. :)

If you are not experienced in downloading/saving and printing on your iPad, please do a test run using the procedure below so you are prepared and comfortable when ordering.

1) Please make sure that you have the free Adobe Reader app previously installed on your iPad so you can open the PDF using the best program. You can find it at the App Store. 

2) In order to print your patterns from the iPad, you will need to use an AirPrint-enabled printer.


I presume you are on your iPad now, right? 

Begin test run:
1) You're on your iPad. Pretend you've just paid for your pattern. The "Thank You" page appears and presents the link to the pattern. Pretend this is the link (tap on it!): 

Violet PDF Pattern.

2) The file should open immediately in your browser (or in your email program in the case of an emailed link). You may need to wait just a bit. Although you see the pattern, the file is not saved yet. Touch the top of your screen until you see "Open In" on the top right. Select the Adobe Reader app icon from the list given.

3) Adobe Reader now opens the file (if there is a white page, wait while it is loading). Touch the top of your screen until you see "Documents" on the top left. Touch "Documents" and you should now see the file name in the Documents List. If you see it there, the file has downloaded and is saved to your machine. You can open your Reader app anytime, go to the Documents list and access the file there. It will stay there until you delete it.

4) Test print: With the toolbar showing In the upper right corner, click the square/arrow icon, and select Print Document. Print the file (one page). 


The instructions above are based on the iPad I have available to me, which is an oldie moldie at this point, and I've done my best to describe the procedure. I don't normally use an iPad myself, but hopefully it is still useful. I'm afraid I don't have all the answers... If you're still having trouble, please ask for help from friends or family. Unfortunately, I won't be able to give you any more help than what is already here. I gently ask that you wait to purchase patterns until after you have worked it out. 

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