A visitor wrote:

I've been a subscriber for several years and have enjoyed your Mystery Blocks. However, I have not received a mailing from you since you did a rebuild in May. Thus, I missed Block #88, the camping block...

(Answer, edited):

Thank you for resubscribing. The situation in May [2018] was that, before I could move to the new site, I had to purge my mail list of all addresses that were considered dead or suspect. These are the addresses that bounce or are never opened. Even one of my own test addresses—one I didn't open—was purged.


I noticed again this past November (6 months later), that my site provider put another chunk of my emails on the purge list. This is done because unopened email is a sign of spam, and the receiving email providers will blacklist Paper Panache (and I believe, by extension, Wix) for it. I am at the mercy of a computer program. This is probably true of a lot of people who send marketing emails. 

    All to say, there are many points at which the system can fail to deliver an email. It is a darned if I do—darned if I don’t scenario. I can send to the purged list, but should I? I had the experience of being blacklisted around 2013, and that took over two years to address.

So, thanks for giving it another go. I somehow have to get the word out that if you wish to keep getting my email, OPEN them!

Suggestions when resubscribing to the email list

Contacting me or buying patterns is not the same as subscribing. You have to specifically do that on the home page where it says "Join Our Mailing List."


If you received an announcement email from Paper Panache but you hadn't in a long time, it is because I used the All Contacts List that contains removed emails (which I dare do for an occasional announcement only). If you want to remain on the list, please resubscribe on the home page. Presumably you will not be removed again--unless you do not open your email. Unfortunately, I don't have any direct control over the purging process, and can never guarantee delivery of email.