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Your Cupid's Hearts
Your Solutions to Mystery Block #72!
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Peggy Rash MB71 Cupid's Heart    Ann Roberts MB71 Cupid's Heart
Peggy Rash                                                                Ann Roberts

Peggy Rash writes: Attached is my version of Mystery Block #71 . . . the heart pierced with an arrow. Plan on making this into a pillow cover which I’ll donate for an auction where the proceeds from which will go toward a program in California for disabled adults in which my niece is enrolled. Thank you once again for all the good you do and spur others to do!

Ann Roberts writes: My name is Ann. I live in Whitby, Ontario,Canada. This was an awesome mystery. Thanks. :)



Susan Shantz MB71 Cupid's Heart      aren Street  MB71 Cupid's Heart
Susan Shantz                                                             Karen Street

Susan Shantz writes: I enjoy making your blocks. I usually finish them for a Hospice Pillow program for our local hospital.

Karen Street writes: Finished! It was so much fun to make. Started off with suggested colors but due to the cold cold weather changed my mind. I am calling this: My ice cold heart - . Valentine's song for this year: to melt my cold cold heart. ...Yes, we are freezing like never before. It is Kentucky, come on, turn on the heat. I love cold weather. Rather, loved cold weather. Now I realize that anything below 25 degrees is just too cold for this lady here. Thanks for hours of pleasure with your free mystery.



Jill Talkington MB71 Cupid's Heart     Samantha Tipton MB71 Cupid's Heart
Jill Talkington                                                        Samantha Tipton                                                         

Jill Talkington writes: Here is my completed mystery. Cute pattern...thanks.

Samantha Tipton writes: Linda, I am very new to paper piecing and this is only my second block. I was very intrigued by this "mystery block" so I challenged myself. Here are the results...and now I know what it is, I will be doing a more valentine festive version with novelty fabrics.



Lisa Ash MB71 Cupid's Heart      Laurie Ferguson MB71 Cupid's Heart
Lisa Ash                                                                        Laurie Ferguson


Lisa Ash MB71 Cupid's Heart             
Ardiss Kunze                                                           

Ardiss Kunze writes:  I did as our challenge at quilt club, drawing 3 crayola colors (my 3 cerise, carnation pink & glitter green). This also as a hotpad. Will brighten up the kitchen.




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