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Your Pumpkin Pies
Your Solutions to Mystery Block #70!
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Marilena Fiusa MB69 Stacked Cups    Marta Hegyi MB69 Stacked Cups
Ann Dirks                                                                  Birdie  Cutair

Birdie writes: This was so much fun. I did most of it on Thanksgiving Day, before eating my own piece of pumpkin pie--Yum!!!


Cindy Henry MB69 Stacked Cups   JoAnn Korzenko MB69 Stacked Cups
Teresa Catlett                                                       Mary Campbell

Teresa writes: I have competed Mystery Block 70. I call it my Sweet Potato Pie :) I love these Mystery Blocks they are so much fun!

Mary writes: I think my days of doing mystery blocks is coming to an end. This pie gave me fits. You can see my dish points don't match!! However, I will await your next mystery block. :) I had absolutely no idea what it was til I had it almost done. I certainly will have a piece of pie for Thanksgiving. Hope it's chocolate!! Take good care and keep those blocks coming before I get TOO old.


Mary Ann Kowalski MB69 Stacked Cups   JoAnn Korzenko MB69 Stacked Cups
Molly Armstrong                                                  Mauricette Pierron                                   

Molly writes: Pumpkin Pie! It's the best Thanksgiving food!

Kathy E. writes: The block is a picture of my favorite dessert on Thanksgiving: A piece of pumpkin pie with whipped cream. It's on a blue plate with a fork and a napkin on the left. The crust has a fluted edge. Thanks for the pattern.

Mauricette Pierron writes: Bonjour à tous, Je vous joins mon modèle. Bravo pour votre site.


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