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Your Windmill Tulips
Your Solutions to Mystery Block #68!
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Laurie Ferguson MB68 Windmill Tulips              Liz Ewing MB68 Windmill Tulips
Laurie Ferguson                                                     Liz Ewing

Kathy Erpelding writes: The block is a wreath or ring of tulips. One thing that I noticed when I put it together is that the D block is not next to the C block, but lies on top of the A & B blocks. Thanks for the pattern.

Liz Ewing writes: This was so much fun to do Linda. There is my intentional mistake. I try to have on in each project. It reminds me to be humble! ...Thanks for all your wonderful patterns! You have taught me so much and I really appreciate all your hard work!


Birdie Cutair MB68 Windmill Tulips              Renate Coster MB68 Windmill Tulips
Birdie Cutair                                                            Renate Coster  

Birdie Cutair writes: Thanks Linda for the beautiful spring/Easter wreath.

Renate Coster writes: I am sending the solution of the number 68, loved doing and thought it was very beautiful. I'm hoping for the next.


Chryss' MB68 Windmill Tulips              Teresa Catlett MB68 Windmill Tulips
Chryss                                                                          Teresa Catlett  

Chryss writes: Thank you, a lovely spring project.

Teresa Catlett writes: Dancing Tulips! Your mystery blocks are always a pleasure. :)


Mary Campbell MB68 Windmill Tulips              Melody Bethards MB68 Windmill Tulips
Mary Campbell                                                        Melody Bethards  

Mary Campbell writes: My solution to your latest mystery block.my greens leave something to be disired but we had 2 feet of snow and I thought I would just use what I had. :)) Thanks for all your hard work.

Melody Bethards writes: I just discovered your website and was so excited to try the Mystery Block.

Bobbie Joe writes: My first thought is Crocus in the snow. But, the leaves are that of Tulips!


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