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Your Windmill Tulips
Your Solutions to Mystery Block #68!
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Jewel's MB68 Windmill Tulips              Robin Holmes MB68 Windmill Tulips
Jewel Shepheard                                                      Robin Holmes

Jewel Shepheard writes: Hi, Here is my version of Mystery Block #68 Windmill Tulips.
[Thanks, Jewel, for supplying the name for this mystery!--Linda]

Robin Holmes writes: Thought you might like to see my version of your latest mystery. I started this when the rest of the world was watching the Super Bowl and I finished a few minutes ago. I have to tell you this picture was taken on top of 8" of snow because I read your blog where you had made yourself some mittens because of "frozen fingers" at 64 degrees! As I type this it is 19 degrees outside. Normal stuff for around here. Thanks again for giving me a momentary diversion from life.
[It's true... Born and raised in Southern California, my cold scale is out of whack compared to you Eskimos. When the thermostat in the hall reads 64 in the winter, I KNOW IT!--Linda]


Marta Hegyi MB68 Windmill Tulips              Grace Hansen MB68 Windmill Tulips
Marta Hegyi                                                                  Grace Hansen

Márta Hegyi writes: Helo Linda! Kellemes húsvéti ünnepeket kívánok. [I wish you a happy Easter.]

Grace Hansen writes: Here is my picture of Mystery #68. Some of the sections are the same, and I thought I had 'goofed'. When all the sections were done, I could assemble them in your suggested order and found this pretty spring display. The center square was so plain, so I did at little quilting in it. Thanks for your projects - fun to do.


Cida Guratti MB68 Windmill Tulips              Mary Grame-Collins MB68 Windmill Tulips
Cida Guratti                                                             Mary Grame-Collins             

Cida Guratti writes: I am from São Paulo/Brazil, 57 years old, retired, unmarried woman and I live with my mother 92 years old. I see a wonderful square wreath tulips. I love so much the MB 68 and I am making a table runner with this block for me. This is the first time I send you my MB solution... Thanks so much for your free patterns.

Mary Grame-Collins writes: Another fun mystery. I had to add a little embroidery to the middle to brighten it up.


Kim Fleming MB68 Windmill Tulips             Marilena Fiusa MB68 Windmill Tulips
 Kim Fleming                                                           Marilena Fiusa 

Kim Fleming writes: Thanks once again for a project that adds some sunshine to my home -- where it is still snowing. My color palette turned out just right and I added a butterfly to the center (which you probably can't see well).

Marilena Fiusa writes: Hi Linda! Here is my beautiful block 68.


Molly Armstrong MB68 Windmill Tulips 
 Molly Armstrong

Molly Armstrong writes: A little late, and not exactly a mystery, as I saw the block before I started, but I love it! The colors are so much fun, and I love the movement of the tulips!


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