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Your 2013 Sues
Your Solutions to Mystery Block #67!
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Marilena Fiusa's  MB67 New Years Sue              Kim Fleming's MB67 New Years Sue
Marilena Fiusa                                       Kim Fleming

Marilena Fiusa writes: This is my block 67. Many thanks ...it's been a while since I've being working on Mystery Blocks. The Baby Sue is actually well-known here in Brazil !

Kim Fleming writes: It is the New Year's Baby trumpeting in 2013. Thanks for another little surprise quilt.


Mary Grame-Collins'  MB67 New Years Sue              Shirley Hammar's MB67 New Years Sue
Mary Grame-Collins                             Shirley Hammar

Mary Grame-Collins writes: Another fun Mystery. Thank you for the challenge.

Shirley Hammar writes: Thanks for the fun block this month. Took some time in the midst of Christmas Celebration festivities to breathe and treat myself with a little paper piecing. Took me a bit to recognize Sunbonnet Sue welcoming 2013.



Marta Heygi's MB67 New Years Sue              Jewel Shepheard's MB67 New Years Sue
Marta Heygi                                             Jewel  Shepheard             

Hegyi Márta writes: Kedves Linda! Ilyen lett a kalapos, trombitás Zsuzsi. Szeretettel kívánok szerencsés, békés új évet.Üdvözlettel. ...Dear Linda! Such was the hat, Jessie trumpet. We wish you happy and peaceful new year. (ETA: I don't think Google knows its Hungarian very well :o)

Jewel Shepheard writes: This is my version of Mystery Block #67. Hope you like it.



Bobbie Joe Klebe MB67 New Year's Sue       
 Bobbie Joe Klebe                        

Bobbie Joe Klebe writes: I really loved making the block! I found your site last week. I am glad that I found your Mystery block. I couldn't stop working on it! I am new to quilting and this is the first mystery block I had done. I love your site!


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