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Tragedy / Comedy
Your Solutions to Mystery Block #65!
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shantz tragedy comedy        steier tragedy comedy
Susan Shantz                                                       Joyce Steier

Susan Shantz writes:  Here is my solution to the Comedy & Tragedy masks. I like how it turned out.

Joyce Steier writes: Here is my finished block #65. Fun to do. I've done a couple others and I am getting better at the piecing. I don't think I had any boo boo this time.Thanks for the fun projects.



szanky tragedy comedy         tobin tragedy comedy
Judith Szanky                                                      Cheryl Tobin

Judith Szanky writes:  I am sending you my solution to the latest mystery. It has no backing and quilting, as I have not decided yet, whether to finish it alone, as it is, or include in a bigger project. I may give it the title "Emotions". Please add it to the gallery. Thanks for such a nice mystery.

Patsy Taylor writes:  I finished your block. It is two faces one smiling and one frowning. It was lots of fun. Thank you

Cheryl Tobin writes:  Here is a picture of the very cute comedy/tragedy masks. Thanks again for a wonderful, fun and entertaining pattern.



waldman tragedy comedy         weygint tragedy comedy
  Julie Waldman                                                 Ellen Weygint

Julie Waldman writes:  I finished the dramatic masks a week ago but just now managed to get the camera out... very cute!

Ellen Weygint writes:  What a surprise to see Tragedy & Comedy appear in my mystery quilt! I am excited to practice my machine quilting on this cute little quilt. Thanks for the fun summer project!



ardiss tragedy comedy  
Ardiss Kunze

Ardiss Kunze writes:  I do enjoy the blocks. I like the colors you suggested. Thanks.

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