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Heart Flowers
Your Solutions to Mystery Block #64!
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hinwood heart flower        gaube heart flower
Jen Hinwood                                                Gay Gaube

Jen Hinwood writes: Thank you so much Linda. I made your current mystery block this evening. I love the Valentine Topiary!

Gay Gaube writes: I finished it! It is a heart flower in a pot with a bow. Photo is attached. ...I have 2 extra seams in my background because I didn’t have enough of the light purple fabric and had to piece it. What’s 2 more seams?

furguson heart flower         fiusa heart flower
Laurie Ferguson                                        Marilena Fiusa

Laurie Ferguson writes: Here is my solution. I finished it the first weekend in Feb. but forgot to send it.


fiusa heart flower    fadool heart flower
Marilena Fiusa                                            Colleen Fadool                

Colleen Fadool writes: Here’s my potted heart “flower” – mistakes and all! Thanks for creating these!!!


daggett heart flower    cutair heart flower
 Anita Daggett                                    Josephine Cutair (Birdie)

Anita Daggett writes: How timely this is - just in time for Valentine's Day!

Birdie writes: Here is my mystery adventure block #64 all done. Thanks for a bit of
fun for February!

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