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Your Solutions to Mystery Block #62!

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jonker pumpkin      fiusa pumpkin
Clara Jonker                                                     Marilena Fiusa

Carla Jonker writes: Het is een mooie pompoen geworden! Hier mijn foto ervan.
[It's become a great pumpkin! Here is my picture of it.]

Kaye French writes: First time doing this.


fodool pumpkin       daggett pumpkin
Colleen Fadool                                                   Anita Daggett

Colleen Fadool writes: It’s a pumpkin! I guess mine’s still in the flowery field. Thanks for letting me use up some blocks (background & light green) from a failed quilt project! This will decorate my front door next fall.

Anita Daggett writes: Here's my October Pumpkin. I bordered the block and turned it into a
cover for a 12" ceramic tile.

Heike Dommisch writes: I finished the mystery and I can see a wonderful pumpkin. I joined to sew it and I love it. Thank you so much for the pattern.


craig pumpkin    catlett pumpkin
Tina Craig                                                   Teresa Catlett  

Tina Craig writes: I haven't completed a mystery block in... years? I print all of them out and color them in to figure out the design. Cheater!
    I needed something new for Halloween, so I finished my block on Sunday. I pulled the colors from the Kaffe Fassett border print, hence the blue vines. The background is linen-like, but I think it's got polyester in it, because it was impossible to finger press. I like the texture, though. Now to decide if I will finish it as a wallhanging or a pillow. Thanks for another fun design!!

Teresa Catlett writes: It's the Great Pumpkin, haha. I really like the layout and the curly-que vines. Thanks for making these available. They're so much fun.


campbell pumpkin      benett pumpkin
Mary Campbell                                                Nancy Bennett

Mary Campbell writes: Finished your/my Pumpkin. Loved doing it!!! ... I bordered my pumpkin with the Springtime green and the border seems to have taken up the "ruffle". I love it!
Thanks again for all your hard work!

Nancy Bennett writes: I discovered a beautiful pumpkin, with a winding vine. Enjoyed it...It was fun to make, and I love the pumpkin for this month.


barnes pumpkin    armstrong pumpkin
Linda Barnes                                                     Molly Armstrong

Linda Barnes writes: Here is my version of the October mystery. Thank you again for a fun project to work on.

Molly Armstrong writes: I love my little pumpkin! I had the perfect background in my stash, a
handpainted/stamped batik that someone had gifted me. I had had no idea what to do with it, but I'm glad I hung on to it! Thanks for the fun pattern.


angie pumpkin
  Angi H

Angi H writes: Here ist the photo of my "PUMPKIN." Hope you like it!

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