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More Solutions to Mystery Block #60!
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MB60 Palette by Ula Lenz               MB60 Palette by Leeanne Rigby
Ula Lenz                                                                  Leeanne Rigby

Ula Lenz writes: thanks for a lovely mystery block again! The bright colors are scraps of the first patchwork fabrics I ever bought. In Germany it's not as easy as in the USA, so I had to drive in the next city to find a shop. Now it's about 12 years ago. They only had Moda Marbles and I didn't know anything about internet shopping so I bought really lots of it! It's a nice fabric and very useful for paperpiecing... and I'm using small pieces of fabric, too. So in my scrapbox I still find pieces of them although I used them in nearly every quilt I made until now. But in the meantime I really don't want to see these fabrics anymore.
    As I've seen your pattern I decided to use my last Moda Marbles scraps for the bright colors in your pattern and was happy to find still a little piece of each color! That was the ideal block to say goodbye to my fist quilt fabrics! :-)

Leeanne Rigby writes: What fun and really easy for a a newbie like me. : )

Peggy Rash writes: It's a painting pallette. . . just as the world is being painted back into life! Thanks for the fun, Linda.


MB60 Palette by Stephanie Scaramelli                MB60 Palette by Jewel Shepheard
Stephanie Scaramelli                                     Jewel Shepheard

Stevie Scaramelli writes: Here's my block. Not quite perfect, but close - and I made it into a pocket for a tote bag that was a challenge from our guild. I'm not showing the tote as I wanted to put the pocket on the tote (pre-made) with a fusible material - and the tote melted, so it isn't nearly as nice as the pocket that I made for it. Thank you for the mystery - I've printed out a few but this is the first I actually had time to play with. Thank you again.

Candy Soehren writes: It's a painter's pallette! Boy, did this one have me guessing. For a while I thought it was chopsticks and some strange sushi. Thanks for the challenge.


 Art Quilt by Anneke SmitMB60 Palette by Indira Wick
Art Quilt by Anneke Smit                    Indira Wick 

Anneke Smit writes: I made the solution of nr 60, and made a painting with fabric, needle and thread too. Here it is, from the Netherlands. It's not a paper piecing at all, but i hope you like it.

Indira Wick writes: I came across your website last week by accident, and was quite intrigued by the idea of a mystery paper pieced block. Attached is a picture of my block.


MB60 Palette by Rhonda Wright     Artwork by Rhonda Wright
Rhonda Wright                                       Artwork by Rhonda Wright

Rhonda Wright writes: Thanks so much for the free mystery block downloads. Don't usually get time to do them all, but this time I downloaded #60 of April 1st and sewed it April 3rd. Love it! I do watercolour paintings, so it was very appropriate.
    Attached is a copy of my "Artist's Palette and Brushes" along with a copy of one of my watercolour paintings: "Chickadees and Cherry Blossoms."... I only started classes a little over a year ago. I love working at it. I owe my successes totally to my instructor; who is a very good artist and has great patience with her students. I tend to be "conservative" as well, but she pushes us to better things. We are now doing (attempting) portraits in pencil and water colours. This is really a stretch for me, but I am very excited with some of my results. If you enjoy doing, keep trying! ...Thanks again for an enjoyable afternoon of sewing!

Vonnie writes: Don't have a picture because I won't get to do any sewing until June. But did solve the mystery and had so much fun doing it that I had to e-mail you. It's a palette with two different types of brushes. You are so clever! Keep up the good work. Your site gives me hours of pleasure - daydreaming what ifs and going wherever the path to other places leads me. Love the answers to the questions. Too many sites have become too sophisticated for beginning quilters. Yours covers everyone. Thanks.

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