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Our Special Dads
More Solutions to Mystery Block #56!
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schoenmaekers       stanbro
Ans Schoenmaekers                                   Barbara Stanbro
My name is Ans Schoenmaekers and I live in Whangarei, New Zealand. I cannot give it to my dad any more, (his name was Gerard). He unfortunately passed away last year November. So I will give it to my grandson to give to his dad (my son). Looking forward to the next one.


throneberry     throneberry's hubby
Lisa Throneberry
Great idea, Linda. Here's my 'dad'. It really is my husband but he is a fabulous Dad, too.
After I got it done, I thought I could have changed the last d to an n and I could have made it say
'I love you Dan.' Maybe I'll have to make another!!!!


Cheryl Tobin
Thanks Linda, My own Dad is turning 90 next month, so when I go to visit him (he lives in Seattle)
I will take this for him. Not only is it a great pattern, its also good timing! [Here is] Charles Ream
with MB #56.... and me. Thanks again for the great, fun pattern.--Cheryl


szanky       tyler
Judith Szanky                                                Becky Tyler
I LOVE YOU DAD wish i had this for fathers day but daddy's birthday is the 25th of Aug that and a picture of him in a frame will look nice for his 70th. the fabric i picked out had x and o on it thought it was funny. Thank you--Becky


west     marquardt
April West                                        Janice Marquardt
I love it! I plan to give it to my Dad for Father's Day. Thank you!!!--April!

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