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Jan-Mar 2017  |  I am happy to display photos of your paper-pieced projects.


Kristen Olson Woven DWR
Woven Double Wedding Ring by Kristen Olson
     I just finished making the woven double wedding ring quilt and wanted to share my make with you. I made it queen size for my friend's wedding. I've been working on it in spurts for the past 7 months. I have to admit, it was a little ambitious and more work than I anticipated. I now understand why others have enlarged the rings. But they love the quilt.

Woven Double Wedding Ring



Summer Sun by Gurli Knudsen


Summer Sun
Gurli Knudsen,
     I was so lucky to win the competition in 2014 and got 12 blocks from you.
These blocks have been my ufo for a long time, but now its finish and I send a photo. I am very pleased with the result and would like to thank the other competitors for the beautiful blocks they have made. The size is 82X82 cm.

Free Summer Sun Pattern





Ladybug Pillow by Colleen Fadool


Ladybug Pillow by Colleen Fadool
     MB75: I finally fully completed a mystery block! (I have a lot of mystery blocks in my UFO/"What should I do with it?" pile.) My local sewing machine dealer/pusher offered a basic serger class. I made this pillow completely on the serger (except for your PP center). My classmates thought I was crazy to use such a "good" center panel for a sample/practice pillow, but I love it!

The Ladybug block is not yet available for sale.




Teresa Catlett's Crazy Heart Kitties


Crazy Heart Kitties
Teresa Catlet,
Booneville, AR
     So enjoyed the Crazy Heart 2 pattern, I just had to put kitty's with it. Lot's of fun.
I ran across your web site in 2000 and was impressed with your patterns,
it has only been a few years that I have sent photos of my projects. I have done some block drawings the first one was the star MB. The fairy quilt god mother MB was the first photo I sent in. I think the way you do the color notes has really helped me with fabric choice, before I did the fairy quilt godmother I was unsure about putting colors together. Thank you.

Free Crazy Heart 2 (sorry, no kitties)
(put the word crazy in the search box)



Nancy Steven's Ballerina Fundraising Quilt
Ballerina Quilt by Nancy Stevens and Friends
[Paper Panache Ballerina Pattern used by permission]
     My granddaughter is a young student at a ballet school. The owner of the school holds a huge event each year to raise money to fight breast cancer. Last year the event brought in $10,000. Each year I contribute a child’s quilt to the auction.
    ...My thanks for your generosity in allowing my group to use your pattern. The ballet quilt is finished and I am very pleased with how it turned out.
See Nancy's blog post about this quilt.

Ballerina PDF Pattern



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