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Oct-Dec 2016   |  I am happy to display photos of your paper-pieced projects.



Mary Campbell's Elfie at the North Pole


Elfie at the North Pole
by Mary Campbell, Warwick, RI

Hi, Linda,
I can't remember if I sent this to you already!!
:-) . It was fun.

Elfie's Tour Service PDF Pattern







Teresa Catlett's Boo BlockBoo Block by Teresa Catlett
    Loved the Boo block. Reminds me of how much spooky fun it was to be a kid on the night of Halloween, while still being artistically appealing to the eye of an adult.
    As much fun as I had doing the Boo block, I had to be late getting it done because of time finishing a pumpkin block wall hanging for my daughter from a pattern i got from you some years ago.

Boo Mystery Block is not yet
available for sale.




Cindy Massey's Nativity

Prize-Winning Nativity by Cindy Massey, Raleigh, NC
    Hi! I ordered this pattern from you in July, finished it in September, entered it in the North Carolina State Fair two weeks ago, and look what it won!
    It's all batik scraps that I had on hand (except for a few well-placed pieces of white and gold fairy frost cotton), plus a few blue and beige larger pieces. I couldn't bear to quilt over all the tiny details! So I framed it and entered it under "handicrafts and hobbies," instead of under "quilts."
    Thanks for designing such a wonderful pattern! I'm sure I'll be ordering again from you soon!

Nativity Pattern


Suzanne Boissonneault's Cornucopia

Cornucopia and Tropical Holiday
by Suzanne Boissonneault,
Trois-Rivières (Québec) Canada

    Hi Linda, your patterns greatly inspire me.
    The Cornucopia: I was asked by a friend to install it on her big kitchen table. She asked me to change the colors, in blue tones.
    Tropical Holiday: My sister likes it. She goes regularly in tropical countries.

Cornucopia PDF Pattern




Suzanne Boissonneault's Tropical Holiday


Tropical Holiday Pattern








Added two MB81 Candy Cane blocks at the top of the MB81 Your Solutions page
by Jane Beamish and Diane Steele.

Added two Fairy Quilt Godmothers by Susan Holman to the Godmother Parade



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