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January 2016   |  I am happy to display photos of your paper-pieced projects.


O Holy Night by Angela Pingel


O Holy Night
by Angela Pingel
    I made your O Holy Night nativity scene a couple of years ago and FiNALLY completed an advent calendar with it. I adore the design you did and wanted to turn it into something my family would use for years to come. I blogged about it here: Cut to Pieces: Nativity Advent Calendar.
      Thanks for the great pattern!
Angela Pingel

Author, A Quilter's Mixology

O Holy Night pattern




O Holy Night by Angela Pingel







Christmas Lights by Dominique Marie


Les Bougies de l'Avent
by Dominique Marie, France
   Some years ago I bought your marvellous pattern of the candles that you can see on the attachment of this email.
      I love this block, which is part of a quilt I made for a chapel in my country.
I added a candle in the pattern because there is 4 times for Advent. Hope you like my work.

Christmas Lights pattern






Who's in my Stocking by Suzanne Boissonneault


Who's in My Stocking
by Suzanne Boissonneault, France
Trois-Rivières (Québec) Canada

    Who's in my stocking.... I finally found my lovely kitten ... well hidden in the Christmas stocking. He's cute as hell.

Stocking pattern








Nativity by Eunice Donges

Nativity Advent by Eunice Donges
     I actually purchased the Nativity pattern in 2014 but it was too late in the year to get it completed by Christmas. I finished it to enjoy this past Christmas. I think the hardest decision was figuring out what color to use for the border. Finally decided to go with the lighter blue because it seemed to bring out the darker blues of the sky. Also---it had stars it!
    This was a great pattern and I really enjoyed making it. I have received many compliments on it.

Nativity Advent pattern





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