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March 2015   |  I am happy to display photos of your paper-pieced projects.


Mistletoe by Susanne Laurisch

Godmother's Window
Barbara Woodbury,
Livingston, MT
   I incorporated my Fairy Quilt Godmother into a window quilt for my sewing room. The project began as an Ugly Fabric Challenge at our local County Fair. My fabric is the background behind Funzella. When I got my fabric for the challenge, I saw it with my Fairy Quilt Godmother immediately---so I put the two projects together. There are foundation blocks from Jodie Davis, Linda Causee, Maaike Bakker and Carol Doak. I call it "Funzella's Garden"
Thanks, once again, for sharing your creative talent with us all!

Free Godmother pattern



Nutcracker Tree Skirt by Tracy Matthews
Good Dog
Kathy Stockbridge,
Spokane, Washington
    Hello! Just wanted to thank you for your wonderful patterns. I've used many of them over the years and subscribed to your newsletters too. Recently I used your letters and dog bones in a quilt pattern I designed for my new grandson [...] using images of dogs and boys I found on the web. Then I sized and modified them to fit the size block I was using and hand appliqued them in place. My daughter in law likes a children's song called "I Have a Little Dog Who's Name is Henry" and she asked me to design a quilt incorporating the verses of the song. My new grandson's name is Henry. In the song, Henry sits, jumps, walks, lies down, etc.I also hand quilted around all of the appliques, the blocks, the borders and the letters and bones. I machine quilted in the blocks using matching threads and machine quilted the refrain to the song around the outer border. It was fun to design and I was thankful I had some of your old newsletters with the alphabet letters and dog bones! Those made the quilt extra cute!

stockbridge quilt labelKathy's Quilt Label


Dog Bones (printed pattern sheet that includes other patterns)

Alphabet PDF Download pattern (not exactly the same--the alphabet shown was originally in the Patternletter and has not been re-released as a pattern for sale.)





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