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September 2013   |  I am happy to display photos of your paper-pieced projects.
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Nativity by Lynn Acheson

Nativity by Lynn Acheson
Well I finally finished my Summer project. I was a little nervous about the small pieces in some of the sections, before I began, but now I have finished, I feel that I could tackle almost any paper piecing project in the future. I made a couple of small mistakes, but don't think anyone else would notice them. I used a small square of gold foil type fabric, for the angel's halos and trumpets and for the king's gifts, which I found in a scrap box at a local market stall. I really like how they shine, although this doesn't really show up on the photo. I am thinking about having my finished quilt put into a frame so that I can hang it over the mantelpiece during Advent and the Christmas period. Thanks for creating such a lovely design.

Nativity Pattern




Flamingo Bag
by Anita Daggett, Beaverton, OR
Here's a photo of the tote bag I created today. I've been meaning to do this since the block was published. ... The flamingo is the symbol of an internet "guild" I belong to. We used to do one-day-quilt-frenzies and we call ourselves Frenz, instead of friends.

Flamingo PDF Pattern











Baseball block by Toya Miller

Baseball Block
by Toya Miller
Just wanted to thank you for sharing your baseball pattern. Here is the WIP. I enlarged it a little to make things a bit easier, since this is only my 3rd paper pieced block. Pattern works great, thanks again!

Free Baseball Block





Stockings by Sandra Marshall

Spadefish Stocking
by Sandra Marshall
I made [designed] my first paper-pieced pattern of a spade fish for a Christmas stocking. The fish was designed after a Spadefish we catch in the Chesapeake Bay. Love your website and patterns.

This is Sandra's own design





MB68 by Molly Armstrong

MB68 by Molly Armstrong, Issaquah, WA
   A little late, and not exactly a mystery, as I saw the block before I started, but I love it! The colors are so much fun, and I love the movement of the tulips!

This pattern is not yet available



Most people find it easiest to send photos or scans
by email; however, you may snail mail photos to:
Paper Panache, P.O. Box 2124,
Winnetka, CA 91396-2124.
If you would like your photo returned, include an SASE.

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