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November 2011   |  I am happy to display scans and photos of your paper-pieced projects.
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Ichthus by Clara van Twillert

by Klaas en Clara van Twillert
Heb erg veel plezier van het Ichthus patroon. Ik geef ze graag cadeau. Op de achterkant heb ik de betekenis van de letters geborduurd. Hier zie je enkele van deze door mij gemaakte Ichthusjes!!!!
    [I really enjoy the Ichthus pattern. I like to give them gifts. On the back I changed the meaning of the letters embroidered. Here are some of these I made Ichthusjes!!]

Free ichthus pattern


Turkey by Mary Campbell

Turkey and Violets
by Mary Campbell,
West Warwick, RI

The next turkey that I make will be in the proper colors. My rust was more brown than rust and it hid his magnificent black eye!
[I mentioned she could put a dot of white in the turkey's eye to make it more noticeable. Later:]...Thanks, Linda, for that great white in the eye tip! I have a white out pen and used a bit of that and it really brightened up his face. Tomorrow I will give it another treatment. :)

     While awaiting Tom Turkey to arrive I did your violet. Made it a little bigger. It looks sort of lonesome. :) ... The violet is not so lonesome with a printed background!

See Turkey pattern

Violets by Mary Campbell






Free Simple Violet


Easter Treat Bag by Sandy Hawkes


Back of Pumpkin Quilt
by Peggy Rash

This is the back of Peggy's MB62 Pumpkin. She explains: I also attached a photo of the back so you could see the technique I discovered to hang small projects. It's not my idea, but I learned of it thru one of our quilters' groups in WV. You make four squares to form pockets in each corner of what you are hanging (squares sized according to the article). Fold the squares corner to corner and press; pin the resulting triangles to the corners of your batted and backed and quilted article with all raw edges matching, and then sew on your bias binding catching the squares along with the rest of the article. When finished, put a dowel pin cut to size in the pockets you've formed (one at the top will do for a small hanging, but a bottom rod may also be used if your hanging is long or heavier) and either hang it from the dowel pin or from a piece of yarn or cord you've attached to the dowel. I love this approach to hanging . . . so much simpler than a sleeve in my opinion!
    [MINE, TOO!]


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No scanner? You can mail photos to:
Paper Panache, P.O. Box 2124,
Winnetka, CA 91396-2124.
If you would like your photo returned, include an SASE.





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