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Are the Gospels Reliable?
We all wonder at some point. An easy read about the history and authorship of the Bible.

Decluttering?: To get rid of useable things, or find things used, see if there is a local chapter of Freecycle near you. Post your items and others will email you. You'll feel so virtuous when you give it away rather than trash it or sit on it!

This was an exciting find: Self-publish for incredibly cheap (books, cds, etc), sell your work, and keep 80%. I bought a book from a friend, and it is an excellent product. Amazing.

You have got to try this! "Cut" your own virtual snowflakes! Visit the gallery...I made #8,113,315. You may even save a .jpg or .eps copy of your creation or download any other flake you like.

Mr. Picassohead
Cruise the Mr. Picassohead Gallery, or to make your very own Mr. Picassohead! (I have one in there, somewhere :)

Ravelry--A Knit & Crochet Community
If you knit or crochet, you canNOT miss this community site. Nearly 1 million strong! Practically every pattern, yarn, and technique is covered. Upload photos of your projects and peruse the projects of others before you start on that sweater (or whatever)! Registration is free.


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